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University of Victoria – Professional Specialization Certificate in Ecological Restoration


This non-credit certificate provides advanced training for professionals working in landscape architecture, landscape design and management, forestry, agrology, biology, mining, ecological restoration, and environmental practice. The ER program is offered online so you can meet your annual professional development requirements on your own schedule. Sign up for one course or the entire certificate!


Upcoming ER Program courses:


ER 503: Restoration Ecology

Dates: January 7 to April 14, 2019; tuition $750

This course provides advanced instruction on the ecological theory underlying restoration projects, emphasizing the unexpected connections that can have significant implications.

The material in this course falls into two broad themes:

  • ecological foundations: applications of ecology to advance restoration
  • ecological practice: using restoration to solve a problem in ecology

To register for a course or apply for the program, contact the program office at or 250-721-8458.

We also have the following 5-day on campus courses available for professional development registration:

ER338 Fire Ecology

Dates: Feb 28 – Mar 4, 2019

In this 5-day intensive course students will be introduced to fire ecology and restoration through in-class lectures, discussions, and field work. The course will address the following topics:

  • Natural fires and their attributes
  • Fires as an ecosystem process
  • Fire management and regimes (techniques)
  • Fire and climate change
  • Prescribed burns
  • First Nations fire management
  • Restoring burned sites


ER335B Restoration of Marine Aquatic Systems

Dates: Mar 13-17, 2019

In this course, you’ll explore marine coastal systems and their restoration potential from an ecological perspective, with particular emphasis on the British Columbia/Washington coasts. Lectures focused on broader scale marine ecosystem impacts and restoration issues are supplemented by hands-on field exercises and research activities focusing on local issues.

Topics include:

  • theoretical understanding of the marine coastal environment (characteristics and defining processes, disturbance types and impacts, opportunities for restoration)
  • ecological considerations for designing waterfront projects
  • survey techniques
  • operating in a marine environment (working with marine charts, tides, currents and wave exposure)

Contact the program office at or 250-721-8458 to find out how to register and for more information about out programs


Tusa Shea, PhD
Program Coordinator

Arts & Science Programs
Division of Continuing Studies, University of Victoria
Tel 250-721-8463



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