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Services Provided by Landscape Architects

These include general consultation services such as site selection, site evaluation and analysis; inspection leading to special conclusions and recommendations, or general consultation on land planning, site planning and development.

Where a program for design has not been determined or when long-range planning is required to guide future development, the landscape architect may provide services to include feasibility studies, research studies, preparation of program for design and development, site inventory and analysis to assess the capability of a site to accommodate development, cost estimates and phasing.

When a project is to be developed in a number of phases over an extended period, or where a long-range guide for future development is required for the purpose of establishing development policies or budgets, a master plan may be appropriate.

A master plan, in providing a strategy for the orderly phased growth of development may be specific and detailed in the concept and planning of the arrangement and relationships of the use areas and facilities. Alternatively, it may only schematically establish a framework, flexible to varying degrees to accommodate both known and future requirements. The master plan may include any or all of the services outlined in pre-design or advisory services. Usually the study would include site analysis, preparation of a program of requirements, development of concept(s) master plan(s) of the proposed long-range development, phasing plan and cost estimates. The results of the study may be documented in a written report.

When the client has a known program for development to be constructed on a specific site, the landscape architect may provide complete design services to include the following:

  • Design
    Having the requirements of the project and the necessary information regarding existing site conditions, the landscape architect will prepare such preliminary studies, sketches, drawings and estimates as are needed to present his conception of the best solution to the problem.
    • Working Drawings and Specifications
      With approval of the preliminary plan and the owner’s decision to proceed with the project, the landscape architect will prepare working drawings and specifications for any and all phases of the project which are to be undertaken immediately.
    • The type and number of working drawings required for various projects will, of course, vary, but in general they will consist of most, if not all, of the following: site layout plan, grading and drainage plan, planting plan, construction details, as well as lighting location and irrigation plans.
    • The specifications will identify all types of materials to be used and will set forth explicit and concise methods of construction and/or installation. Specifications are organized to separate those portions of the work which may logically be executed by the different trades or separate contractors, as for example: Excavation and grading, concrete and masonry work, timber and wood work, pavements, and planting.
  • The tender will identify all drawings and documents pertaining to the work, establish the manner in which the tenders are to be submitted, the basis on which the work is to be contracted for, the contract or unit price, agreed terms, payments and all other information necessary to assure a complete and valid contract.
  • Construction Inspection
    The landscape architect will assist the Owner in obtaining proposals from contractors and in awarding and preparing construction contracts. When so provided for in the contract between the owner and the contractor, he will interpret the contract documents, make decisions on claims of the owner and contractor, and on matters relating to the execution and progress of the work. The landscape architect will make periodic visits to the site in order to be familiar with the progress and quality of the work. The landscape architect will keep the owner informed of the progress of the work, and endeavor to guard the owner against defects and deficiencies in the work. The landscape architect will issue periodic certificates of payment of amounts owing to the contractor and will conduct inspections to establish final completion.
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