Work with a Landscape Architect

The Proposal Process

The landscape architect renders services to a client directly or in collaboration with other professional disciplines. Remuneration for services is a fee received directly from a client. Fees may be based on per diem rates, lump sum amounts or as a percentage of the cost of construction.

In order to determine the type and extent of services to be performed and the basis for remuneration the landscape architect will, after consultation with the client and familiarization with the site and requirements of the work, prepare a proposal for services.

This proposal will set forth in writing the specific scope to be performed by his office, time of performance, the basis of charges and the method of payment. This statement will also describe all information to be furnished by and at the expense of others.

The proposal, approved in writing by the client, may constitute a working agreement between the client and the landscape architect, or may form the basis for the preparation of a formal contract.

The fee schedule may also be helpful to understand the guidelines of consultant fees for Landscape Architects.

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