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Project: Mount Pearl Walks: Plan for the City of Mount Pearl’s Trail Network
Location of the Project: Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador
Client: City of Mount Pearl
Company: Mills & Wright Landscape Architecture Inc.
Geographical Coordinates: 47° 31′ 8.0040” N 52° 48′ 20.9952” W
Member(s) of APALA Who Worked on the Project: Matthew Mills, Rachael Fitkowski, Tom Wright, Victoria FitzGerald

The City of Mount Pearl is a vibrant, progressive community with roots dating back to the early nineteenth century when it was first settled as a private farming estate. The community has since grown to become Newfoundland and Labrador’s third most populous region, incorporating as a city in 1988. Today it is a flourishing community that takes pride in its progressive, forward-thinking spirit, its deep connection with the natural environment, as well as its sense of place and quality of life. To further
its position as a desirable place in which to live, work, and play, the City is committed to providing high quality recreation infrastructure and community services for its residents. This is evident in the significant investment already made in prominent public facilities such as St. David’s Park, the Team Gushue Recreation Complex, the Campia Gymnastics Club, and the Summit Centre, among others.

With sections of the T’Railway and the Grand Concourse already in place, Mount Pearl’s trails are another of its strongest assets and an important reason the community is regarded as a “City in a Park. As such, the City has identified further development of the trail network as a priority moving forward. Recognizing the importance of a planned and thoughtful approach to trail development, the City retained Mills & Wright Landscape Architecture to develop a Trails Master Plan. The purpose of the
plan will be to develop a “roadmap” or guiding document for the future development, improvement, and enhancement of the trail network in Mount Pearl over time. It also provides a framework for future
investment in the trail network by ensuring that funding is allocated where most beneficial to the city and its residents.

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