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LARE Section 4: Additional Online Course Dates


March 12-14 (Fri-Sun)
In response to student requests, we are considering adding one more Section 4  weekend webinar over the weekend March 12-14. Please register ASAP if you are interested. We have three students already so just need a few more. Register at

*** Please note – if we do not get at least 6 students, we will refund tickets and not run this event.***

This 3-day ONLINE workshop covers exam background including known CLARB grading standards that have been published; grading & drainage skills applicable to the LARE, interpretation and use of third party information, construction document drawings and specifications, sedimentation and erosion control, stormwater management, irrigation systems, and the use and detailing of construction materials. We are also finding that the national study groups that students form after the course are extremely valuable. Over 500 pages of material in PDF format is included, with reference text, 210 practice questions, and 42 advanced item type (AIT) problems. This class is based on material developed by Ray Freeman over 20 years of exam preparation instruction.

The classes cover exam formats, tips and tricks, and feature programmed instruction focusing on developing the skills needed to solve every known type of technical task required on this section of the LARE. The format of the class is lecture, short tests, and question and answer in a Zoom classroom. We meet from 8 am until 4:30 pm Pacific time each day, with a break for lunch.

For complete information on the upcoming courses and to register, visit:  

For a downloadable and printable PDF of the course information, click here.


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