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CSLA Launches a Federal Election Toolkit and Undertakes a Political Engagement Campaign


Election Toolkit
CLICK HERE to view the CSLA’s federal election toolkit
During the 2019 federal election campaign, CSLA members have an opportunity to raise awareness of issues related to landscape architecture. This election toolkit is designed to help CSLA members advocate for better communities by engaging with their candidates. The toolkit also contains useful links to help you find out quickly if you are registered to vote, your electoral constituency or riding, the candidates in your riding and their party’s platform. There are also sample letters as well as sample questions for members to use. These basic tools can also be tailored and customized to more closely address issues in your federal constituency. The CSLA encourages its members to question candidates and to compare their positions on specific issues and educate them on important policy issues that may not be addressed otherwise.
CSLA’s Political Engagement Campaign

In May 2019, the CSLA Board decided to hire Brown & Cohen Communications & Public Affairs to undertake a 60-day campaign to raise the profile of the profession of landscape architecture on Parliament Hill.

On June 10th and 11th, Glenn O’Connor, OALA, FCSLA, ASLA (CSLA President), Michelle Legault (CSLA Executive Director) Howard Brown (Brown and Cohen Communications and Public Affairs) with the support of Colleen Mercer Clarke, APALA, FCSLA (Chair of the CSLA’s Committee on Climate Adaptation) and Chris Grosset, NuALA, FCSLA (Chair of the CSLA’s Reconciliation Advisory Committee), met with a number of MPs and senior staff on Parliament Hill with the objectives of:

  • building on the profession’s work over the last 85 years
  • sharing the benefits of landscape architecture
  • informing the current class of MPs about CSLA’s work and offer assistance and advisement in decision-making processes on an on-going basis
  • educating MPs on the CSLA’s positions on climate, infrastructure and reconciliation.


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