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Cape d’Or

Project: Cape d’Or Master Plan
Location of the Project: Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia
Client: Municipality of Cumberland
Date the Project was Completed:
Geographical Coordinates: 45.3370° N, 64.7831° W
Member(s) of APALA Who Worked on the Project: Bruce Mans

Cape d’Or possesses great opportunity to become a world class destination that motivates travel to Nova Scotia. The existing experience of eating
and sleeping at a lighthouse is unique, and provides the cornerstone for differentiating Cape d’Or and Nova Scotia from other experiences
available elsewhere. As the tourism industry in the province strives to grow, this stunning and authentic coastal site will resonate with first-time,
high-yield visitors and target market segments. In order to increase visitation, length of stay, and ultimately revenues, the Cape d’Or site requires improvements, and a plan to achieve them.

The Municipality of Cumberland undertook this conceptual master planning process to direct and prioritize development of the site, as well
as organize and coordinate interventions. It is intended to expand on and enhance the Cape d’Or experience, and focus on preparing the site
for wide promotion in the tourism market.

To achieve these goals, the master plan considers a range of components, including:
• maintenance or removal of existing infrastructure
• specifics of future site plans
• orientation signage
• interpretative elements
• visual identity and brand
• safety
• tourism market readiness assessment
• management and operation

The master planning process was led by a steering committee of community and economic development staff with the Municipality, the local Councillor, and provincial tourism staff. The project team also took input from the public and stakeholders into careful consideration. Local business operators, managers of regional tourism destinations, and community leaders participated in a two hour workshop identifying the major opportunities and challenges to guide the master plan. The results of this workshop are integrated throughout, and heavily influenced the Approach
and Objectives.

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