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Call for Submissions:  Creating a Biodiversity Corridor in Saint Laurent


Ville de Montréal’s Saint-Laurent Borough recently launched a national multidisciplinary landscape architecture competition to produce a master development plan for the Cavendish-Laurin-Liesse biodiversity corridor.

The Borough wishes to create corridors to connect these natural environments and other green spaces fragmented by development and also to provide pathways for citizens. This plan will set out the vision and orientation guidelines for the corridor’s development and enhancement over the long term, and it will propose targeted short-term interventions (i.e., between 2021 and 2023).

The competition is national in scope and will be held in two stages: Stage 1 consists of anonymous proposals, while in Stage 2, a maximum of four jury-selected finalists will submit service offerings, for which they will be compensated.

Some numbers from the competition budget:

  • $24,000: lump-sum payment to a maximum of four finalists to expand on their proposals
  • $125,000: professional fees for producing the development plan by winner
  • $4.5 million: for carrying out the work targeted by this project
  • Canada wide

To learn more:

Creating a biodiversity corridor in Saint-Laurent | Design …




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