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Landscape architects have a direct influence on the land, shaping the built environment to meet human needs and to create a harmonious fit with the natural environment.

The interplay of social, ecological and aesthetic factors creates a rich work environment where members of the profession take a leading role to shape the world in which we live. Landscape architects work in private practice, government and academia, to design, manage, research and teach.

Growth of the human population, its concentration in urban regions, and the accompanying stress on human communities and the natural environment point to an increasing need for the skills of landscape architects worldwide. Creative and observant people with the ability to solve problems and communicate effectively are needed to grow the profession.

Most landscape architects complete an accredited program of study at university level and a period of apprenticeship before they are accepted to full membership in a professional association, and receive the title landscape architect. Candidates with related schooling and relevant work experience, or an extended period of relevant and responsible work experience, may also qualify for full membership in APALA.

Landscape architecture is a dynamic and diverse profession. To learn more about the opportunities the profession offers explore this site and the links provided, contact and visit an APALA member near you, or contact APALA for more information.

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