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ASLA Webinar with Jim Urban

Urban Street Tree Planting: Correcting Myths and Misconceptions – 1.0 PDH (LA CES/HSW)
Despite 35 years of research, books, articles and lectures, the profession still maintains many myths and misconceptions about designing with trees in urban spaces. Tree health is still at risk from all too common and obsolete design errors. This webinar will point out the most common of these errors, and provide best practice recommendations to develop truly sustainable urban landscapes. Based on the six most critical concepts of designing for healthy trees, this session will teach sound, science-based designs, details, and specifications. Better informed designers will have the tools to incorporate science and sustainability principles into the aesthetic principles that guide the design of these important landscape spaces.
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Planning for Successful Street Trees in Arid Climates

Planting trees and other large plant material in built-up urban areas in arid climates is always a challenge. More often than not, the constraints are numerous and the opportunities are few. When a project is initially conceived, consideration must be given to all constraints, long before preliminary design plans begin. By developing a realistic plan of attack at this early conceptual stage, a truly successful project can transform those constraints into opportunities.
What are these constraints, and how should we respond to them?
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Historic Santa Rosa Courthouse Square Redesign

The Santa Rosa Courthouse reunification is a long-awaited project to restore the city’s downtown square to its original layout, changing it from a space split in half by a four lane road to one continuous 1.5 acre site. The plaza had been bisected by Mendocino and Santa Rosa Avenues since the mid-60s, when the city’s second courthouse was demolished. Santa Rosa’s first courthouse, which is commemorated with a large X-shaped lawn in the middle of the plaza, was destroyed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The redesigned square features new lighting and decorative light posts, a fountain, electrical plug-ins, a Wi-Fi hub, trees and green space, and more. It is hoped the new layout will help to revitalize Santa Rosa’s downtown core by attracting more pedestrian traffic and business to the surrounding area.

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November 17 (New York, NY): 4 CEU’s and a Beer: Stormwater in the Heart of the City – A Green Guide
November 29 – December 1 (Toronto, ON): Construct Canada

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