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ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo – October 20-23, 2017


General Sessions That Hit the Mark

This October in Los Angeles, the ASLA 2017 Annual Meeting and EXPO will offer 122 education sessions, 16 field sessions, five workshops, and two general sessions, allowing attendees to earn up to 21 professional development hours (PDHs). The largest gathering of landscape architects in the world features education content that informs the future of the profession: resilience, technological innovation, social justice, and the green economy.
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Saturday October 21
GS-001 A Glimpse into the Future of Design
8:00 – 9:00 am

Natalie Jeremijenko is an artist and engineer developing Mutualistic and Natural Systems Design. Her experimental design work explores the opportunities new technologies present for social change. It centers on structures of participation in the production of knowledge, information, and the political and social possibilities—and limitations—of information and emerging technologies. Join Jereminjenko for a lively discussion about how she blends design, engineering, and environmentalism to explore how we work together, and what kind of mutualistic relationships we construct, to produce a desirable future.

Sunday, October 22
GS-002 Catching the Sun The Clean Energy Future
8:00 – 9:00 am

There’s a race afoot for the clean energy future, the foremost global economic opportunity of our time. Already more than half of the new energy that’s coming online globally is from renewable sources. It represents a trillion dollar industry and all over the world, countries are making the transition. Some countries will actually leap-frog the grid and catapult into a distributed future. Former President Obama said, “The country that leads in clean energy will be the country that leads the 21st Century.” The U.S. can help lead a global transition to clean energy that can rebuild the ladder of economic opportunity in America. Solving the energy crisis could spur innovation, invention, and economic opportunity through disruptive technologies that democratize energy. If we are to succeed in retrofitting the nation for clean energy, a new generation of workers must be trained to confront the massive technological challenges that lie ahead. But who wins and who loses? What does building a “green economy” actually look like on the ground?

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