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APALA Statement regarding Black Lives Matter


As an important part of our society, APALA and its members condemn discrimination and ALL ACTS OF RACISM. 

Our eyes have been opened to the senseless and horrendous acts of violence and continued oppression of black people and other minority groups. Our silence is not to be construed as inaction against racism, we are taking the time to listen, learn and discuss meaningful ways to offer change, which starts within our own organization.

We acknowledge that we, as a profession, have been part of the problem and we acknowledge that we, as a profession, should be part of a solution. We recognize that we, as professionals and citizens, have the responsibility to do the work that contributes to the transformation of our society into a safe and diverse environment for all. 

We are actively working on further actions and will share a plan over the coming months. We are open to learn more about the needs of marginalized and oppressed groups in Atlantic Canada and invite any interested person to get in contact with us at in order to create a meaningful path forward, together as one.


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