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APALA 2016 (Inaugural) Legacy Project Award


Reminder:  APALA 2016 (Inaugural) Legacy Project Award

The CSLA will be shortly launching its Awards of Excellence program for 2017 which includes the Legacy Project Award. The CSLA Legacy Project Award is intended to recognize distinguished landscape architecture projects which: a) were forward-thinking for their time, b) contributed significantly to their communities, c) showed leadership and innovation, and, d) are still relevant examples of excellence in the profession of landscape architecture.  Each CSLA component association is asked to nominate one project each year.  In order to determine the APALA nomination, the Board is inviting YOU to submit nominations.  The final regional nomination will be determined by a vote of our members.  Please note that whether the APALA nominated project wins at the CSLA national level or not, the APALA Board intends to honour this project with a new regional award of our own. 

Further details on how the award will be celebrated will be released at a later date.  Recognition of the winning project may include the following: a local and regional media release, and a certificate and/or plaque (depending on property ownership and whether there is an opportunity for a plaque to be placed on the site). For publically owned and maintained properties, the award may also include a public presentation of the award certificate to the appropriate province/city/community, etc.  It is intended that the public announcement of the award will be coordinated with World Landscape Architecture Month activities in April 2017; however, APALA members will be notified of the winning submission in January, prior to the final submission for the CSLA Award consideration.

The Legacy Award contrasts the general Awards of Excellence as it is intended to recognize a project, and not necessarily the individual landscape architect or firm involved in the project.  Many historic and culturally significant landscapes have evolved over time having a number of landscape architects and design firms involved in their history.  In contrast to the CSLA Awards of Excellence for which applicants submit projects on their own behalf, this award provides our members with an opportunity to recognize a project within our region that inspires us and that demonstrates the best of what our profession has to offer.  As this new award is intended to be distributed annually, our long-term goal is to build a collection of projects from within Atlantic Canada that recognizes the importance of landscape architecture to our region.

APALA 2016 Legacy Project Timeline:

  1. APALA Members are invited to submit nominations (due November 30)
  2. Online vote of APALA Members to select this year’s APALA Inaugural Legacy Project (December)
  3. Announcement of 2016 APALA Legacy Project to APALA members (January)
  4. Preparation of the final submission for CSLA Legacy Award nomination (Due January 27, 2017)
  5. Promotion and local recognition of APALA Legacy Project (WLAM April 2017)


APALA Legacy Project Nomination Instructions:

Please note that eligibility for the APALA award must be consistent with the CSLA nomination criteria.

Projects nominated for the award must:

o have been completed at least 20 years ago

o continue to be in operation or use

o be accessible by the public

o be located in one of the four Atlantic Provinces.

Examples of potential nominees include public parks, conservation areas, protected natural landscapes, plazas, streetscapes, zoos, botanical gardens, sculpture gardens, river walks or projects distinguished by the exceptional involvement of a landscape architect.

Submission Requirements (adapted from the CSLA submission requirements):

– name and address/location of the project,

– name of the landscape architect(s) and/or firm(s) involved in the project’s development/ execution,


– A description of why the project should receive the Legacy Award (Consider the project’s importance, the impact of the project’s leadership and innovation and its current relevance, the role of the landscape architect or firm in the project’s design, development, execution, protection or maintenance) Maximum 500 words.


– Scanned copies of existing articles, papers or relevant sections of books that describe the project and its importance with sufficient information that a statement can be prepared for the CSLA submission


– Between 10-20 jpg images, photos, drawings, plans etc. of the project; note that images should be appropriated sourced for distribution.

See the CSLA website to check out last year’s winner of the National Legacy Award – Gage Park: 



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