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Advocacy Grant Program Policy

The purpose of the Advocacy Grant Program is to provide financial assistance for public outreach projects or educational initiatives by APALA members that promote the profession within Atlantic Canada. This policy outlines the terms and conditions upon which the funding shall be made available to members.

The Advocacy Grant Program aligns with Strategic Objectives 2.1, 2.2 and 4.2 of the current APALA Strategic Plan.

Grants up to a total of $2,000 are available to APALA members seeking to undertake initiatives that promote the profession in Atlantic Canada. The number of grants awarded and distribution of funding will be at the discretion of the APALA Board of Directors and subject to change each year.

Grant applications will be accepted from landscape architects, students, educators and others provided those applying are currently APALA members in good standing in any membership category.


    1. Applicants must provide a concise written statement of the proposed project indicating:
      1. the project’s intent or purpose;
      2. significance of the project to the profession in Atlantic Canada;
      3. description of how the project will be installed, constructed or otherwise completed;
      4. means by which the project will be promoted or communicated to others.
    1. Priority shall be given to those projects which promote awareness at a public level.
  1. Applicants must provide a detailed budget indicating how the grant funding will be used.
  2. Applicants must provide a brief profile of the person or group of people that are applying. Project teams must contain at least one APALA member in good standing in any membership category.
  3. Applications must be sent in a single PDF file to be emailed to the Executive Assistant, Laura Willman, at
  4. Deadline for submission of applications has passed for 2020.  Deadline for 2021 will be announced in early 2021. 
  5. If funding is awarded, monies must be used by the end of the calendar year in which funding is received.
  6. Unspent monies due to cancelled or incomplete projects must be refunded back to APALA.
  7. Upon successful completion of the project, the applicant must provide a brief written summary of the project including photos, which may be used at the discretion of APALA for membership distributions (i.e., Newsblasts), the APALA website and/or for future promotion of the Advocacy Grant Program.


  1. The Executive Assistant shall review each application for completeness as outlined in the Submission Guidelines.
  2. Members of the APALA Board of Directors will evaluate completed applications.
  3. The Board will review applications based on the following assessment criteria:
    1. The project promotes the profession within Atlantic Canada;
    2. The project is highly visible from a public perspective;
    3. The applicant’s ability to complete the project and achieve results;
    4. The project is realistic and achievable within the specified timeframe.
  4. The Board will decide if funding should be awarded and if so, applicants will be notified via email by the Executive Assistant.

The 2020 Recipients will be announced soon!

The 2019 Recipients are:

  1. Walking the Acadian Dykelands project (submitted by Selena deWolf)
  2. Building Equity in Architecture Atlantic screening project (submitted by Sandra Cooke)
  3. PARKing Day (submitted by Rachael Fitkowski)

Congratulations, everyone!

PARK(ing) Day 2019 Follow-up Report

BEAA Film Screenings

Grand Pré – Walking the Dykelands


2018 PARKing Day

2018 PARKed on Prince


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