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CSLA Bulletin – February 2019

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CanWest Horticultural Expo 2019

Welcome to CanWest Hort Expo 2019! CanWest is Western Canada’s premier horticultural trade show, connecting buyers and sellers throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Whether you are exhibiting or attending, this website will provide you with all the information …

LACF Announces the 2019 Grant Award Winners

  • The 2018 Donors
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    donated to LACF in 2018. Pretty amazing!

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Call for Nominations for CSLA President-Elect 2019

Following the guidelines set out in the CSLA Bylaws, I wish to confirm that the following CSLA member has been nominated for the position of CSLA president-elect: Hope Parnham, APALA, CSLA

Additional nominations, signed by at least five Voting Members,

CSLA Bulletin

CSLA Bulletin  

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